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Welcome To Shivshaktifoundation

Inspired by the ideology of Mother Teresa and Jay Prakash Narayan,Vivekanand SHIV SHAKTI SEWA SANSTHAN (SHIV SHAKTI FOUNDATION ) came into existence in the year 2015.

Background and Genesis:-

                 After studying the socio-economic condition of the community of this area and regular discussion with local organization was felt because the area has a long history of exploitation. The problems were so acute and immense that they were not delta in short period with isolated and single handed efforts. As result of SHIV SHAKTI SEWA SANTHAN was registered under the societies Registration Act in the year 2015.

                SHIV SHAKTI SEWA SANTHAN(SHIV SHAKTI FOUNDATION) is a non- profit making, non governmental voluntary organization which was registered under the societies Registration Act 21,1860 and its Reg. No. is 159/2015, Govt. of Bihar, Patna. Mr. S.S. Paswan the key architect of this organization is an eminent academician and well known social worker. Mr. Shiv Shankar Paswan is well adept and sound in management and administration. Its registered office is situated Vill.+Po.- Ranti, PS.- Rajnagar, Madhubani.

Area of Operation:-

                  The organization is at present working in Madhubani district of Bihar.

Target Group:-

            The target group of the organization primarily consists of the socially and economically deprived sections of community particularly youths, women and children belonging to below the poverty line. SHIV SHAKTI SEWA SANTHAN sees every individual as a repository of resources and consequently the enormous potential that people have in them for collective self-help. Locating the oppression of the poor in their lack of awareness and organization, it sees itself in the facilitative role of sensitizing, mobilizing and organizing the poor to enable them to collectively harness their latent capabilities for collective good.


              The organization aspires for the establishment of an egalitarian society based on the principles of equity (including gender equity), justice and fraternity where in collective endeavour has the potential of actualizing humane ends.


               SHIV SHAKTI SEWA SANTHAN stands for the economic, social and political empowerment of the poor particularly minority section and the marginalized to ensure their participation in the societal main stream in a gender driven perspective.

Objective:- •

  • To develop for sustainable development among youth community by Entrepreneurship Development and computer training programme.
  • To establish training centre, Educational institution, vocational, technical and innovative education centres, industrial growth centres, training-cum-production centres of Madhubani painting and handicrafts etc., for human resource development, employment generation and economic growth.